Drum Lessons
Malcolm Boyce

After several years away from offering private instruction, Malcolm has decided to get back into the swing...

Lessons can include:
Music Theory & Ear Training
Equipment and Maintenance - Tuning and "Drum Sounds"
"Electronic" Drums and Percussion - Programming
Recording and Live Sound Technology (drums and percussion)
"Stagecraft" for drummers

Some clips of Malcolm - On Record
mr distant - "Stitches"
Sean Roach - "For Conscious Effort"
Glen Creamer - "Ocean"
Dylan Farrell - "Run Away To Here"
What some nice people have to say:
"Over the years, Malcolm has been extremely instrumental in my understanding and appreciation of the drums - everything from groove, music theory - mainly time-signatures, types of beats and even drums sounds. He has helped me to recognize the importance of listening to different types of music, and different types of drummers, teaching me that there is much to learn from every other drummer out there. Malcolm is the main reason I feel confident on stage, and in the studio, not only from what he directly taught me, but because of the things I learned from all of the other drummers he has exposed me to. "

Kevin Shephard
Bigg Medicine, McKrazy, Big Easy, Gopher Soda,
mr distant, Len Higgins, Sean Roach,
 Glen Creamer, Andrew Clarke)
Drummer of the year for 2009 and 2010 - SJ Music Awards
"I took lessons with Malcolm for several years when I began to learn drums at age 16. I can say for certain that he is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable drum instructors with whom I have had the pleasure to study.  He not only trains you in building drumming competency for your hands and feet, but more importantly, your ears! Ie. how to hear great music, and make sense of the drumming. This has been invaluable to me in learning to play songs in various bands, and also in creating my own grooves to best fit the music.

18 years later, I am playing with confidence and still loving the instrument, with thanks to great instructors like Malcolm, and my personal practice.

I highly recommend studying with Malcolm if you want to bring your passion and skill in drumming to the next level."

Mark Goodaire
(Former Student)
"Malcolm was the first person I called when forming my team for the iRock program. I've worked with Malcolm for several years, and am always impressed with his level of professionalism and enthusiasm for all things music. He is a clear and articulate instructor, and has an in depth knowledge of all things percussion. Malcolm's years of stage and studio experience have positively shaped his approach to teaching; students not only learn the rudiments of their instrument, but also 'best practices' in a real world setting. I would recommend him without hesitation."

Chuck Teed
(Director of Music
InterAction School of Performing Arts)

Lessons are offered out of Malcolm's studio in half hour or full hour increments.  
Rates are $15/half hour - $25/full hour.
Weekly lessons are typical, but different schedules can be accommodated.
Home and other special instruction can be available by request.

Need more information, just ask!

Contact: drums@middleaudio.com

Working in many areas of the music and entertainment industry, Malcolm offers a unique combination of skills for his students to learn from.  An experienced player and instructor, he is known foremost as a first call audio technician on many live stages and recordings.

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